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PNG-High-50Retail Selling in Europe – Start today! 

Are you a manufacturer, designer or wholesaler? You can now sell your products to customers in Europe! Higher margins and a lucrative new market await.

Online selling is the future. However, there are obstacles. Hosting your own web shop is attractive as you don’t need to pay commission. Also, you  own and manage your customer relationships. You will however need to market your website as customers will only find you if you invest in AdWords and SEO.

You could also sell through an existing trusted platform. Additionally, this helps ensure a regular stream of visitors. Whilst Alibaba is number one in Asia, it is still fairly small in Europe. Most importantly, it is not trusted by consumers. The European opinion is low-quality products with long wait times.

The best platform in Europe to sell goods online is Amazon. Amazon is a trusted site with quality visitors. In Europe, even small consumer products such as glue or notebooks are available on Amazon. Prime customers enjoy free nexy day delivery. Furthermore, Amazon holds a strong position in Europe. It maintains its own website and logistics in Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain.

Bamboo Benefits

You can benefit from huge reach and begin to attract European consumers. Start selling your own products through Amazon today! This is where we can help. Currently we sell our own products on all European Amazon platforms with great results. We also provide extensive  support. Right now you can start selling your own products on Amazon in Europe. We write great product descriptions and find the right keywords. This ensures your product will be found. Aditionally, we act as importer of your products. We prepare them to be sold and sent directly by Amazon. We also provide customer service on all European Amazon marketplaces. This is a pre-requisite for being accepted as a seller by Amazon.

Unsure if your products are right for the European market? Give it a try! As an introductory offer, you can start selling your products in Europe. You can do this through our well established account on Amazon. We take care of the import, the product description, shipping to Amazon’s warehouse. Furthermore we provide full customer support. Your profits will be paid weekly. This means no waiting time for you.

Start selling your products directly in Europe and benefit from the professional services and experience we offer.


 idApakah Anda adalah produsen, desainer atau pedagang grosir? Sekarang Anda dapat mulai menjual produk Anda ke pelanggan ritel di Eropa! Kesempatan Ini tidak hanya memberikan margin yang lebih tinggi atas penjualan produk Anda, tetapi juga membuka peluang untuk mengeksplorasi pasar yang baru dan kaya bagi Anda.  Read More


您是一位生产商、设计师或是批发商吗. 今天您就可以向欧洲的零售客户推销您的产品了. 或许这不会为您产品的买卖带来更高的利润,却能开拓一个全新的市场。显然网络推广是未来主要的方向,但要成功地进入市场并从中获利,当中仍存有很大的阻力.  Read More



phIkaw ba ay gumagawa, nagdedesenyo o namamakyaw? Pwede ka ng magbenta ng iyong mga produkto sa mga tinging customer sa Europe! Ito ay hindi lamang magbibigay ng mas mataas na kita sa inyo , ito rin ay magbibigay daan upang makakuha ng mga maraming mamimili. Read More





Amazon Pilot
Amazon Pilot gives you the great opportunity to test the European market. Rather than creating your own seller account on Amazon Europe, we will list your product under our own Amazon account. Most of all, we will dispatch it to the Amazon warehouse to allow automatic dispatch by Amazon (FBA) of items sold.
Drop Shipping from Europe
With the Drop Shipping Service by Bamboo Business Services, you will dramatically reduce your delivery times to customers in Europe. As a result you will earn higher customer satisfaction. Aditionally you will enjoy better listings on eBay and Amazon. Most importantly, more sales. Instead of shipping your products from Asia, you can store your bestsellers in our protected warehouse in Germany .
German Customer Service
Customer Service is a vital element in all sales. Being able to understand and to respond to customer queries is key for success. Some platforms even make it mandatory to provide customer service in the local language, including Amazon.